4 Interesting Things To Do Around Solo

Explore The Hidden Lake of Telaga Claket

What is not to adore about visiting some hidden jewel which many tourists not know? Mainly visited by the natives, we feel that the gorgeous, tranquil lake concealed between mountains in Telaga Claket deserves additional attention. It is located in a distant location; this enchanting lake is pretty far below the radar of the majority of travelers. If you’re searching for an adventure, then you can choose to lease a bamboo vessel to explore the lake.

On the other hand, crossing over will direct you to Bukit Widodari, where you can delight in a little hike and marvel in scenic viewpoints! You might even stay here to get a meal since there are neighborhood stalls with freshly cooked traditional delicacies like chicken noodles and meatballs.

Enjoy The Classic Market of Pasar Triwindu

Exactly like Yogyakarta, Solo is also famous for its cultural and historical richness. This can be portrayed in its own architectural structures, meals, traditional performances, and much more for its original sector.

If you’re an antique enthusiast, you may adore Pasar Triwindu! This market features everything from brightly colored suitcases to antique acrylic paintings, old palaces, and bathtubs to sculptures in the 19th Century. Together with the range, you’re sure to come across a little something to get home. Besides oversized items such as furniture and decoration, you’ll also find small antique accessories such as glasses and hats!

Taste The Legendary Cuisine At Warung Selat Mbak Lies

Solo can also be called a hub because of its regional gastronomical pleasures. Also, Warung Selat Mbak Lies is the best place to find a flavor of it! This neighborhood eatery, rich in history, provides a genuine eating experience using its classic decor and traditional noodle dishes.

We fell in at lunchtime, and it was packed to the brim. Therefore, don’t attempt to come here at the restaurant’s peak periods, or maybe you create a wasted trip! The”Selat Solo” is a certain must-try here! A conventional salad made of potatoes, lettuce, lettuce, pickles, onion, and served by their own distinctive sauce. Not merely was it yummy, but gulping the soup-like sauce such as the way the sailors did was an exceptional dining experience also!

We also attempted their macaroni, topped with a mild sauce, and served at room temperature. However, it wasn’t very interesting and did not stand out among the other dishes. You might come across some regional candies and crackers in your desk to complete your meal (you’re able to pay for everything completely later). We felt the eatery’s ambiance was quite unique as if we’d stepped back in time since we sat at the unique decorated area with waiters bustling around in conventional clothing.

Satisfy Your Tummy with Solo Signature Dish At Serabi Notosuman

If you’re trying to find an exceptional food souvenir to get home, this must be it. We’d heard a halt in Serabi Notosuman was mandatory while seeing Solo. The mythical store sells traditional sandwiches stuffed with coconut or chocolate. As it comes from a box of 10 sandwiches, we picked for half both tastes and secretly wanted we arranged more! These small blossoms are goodness — they’re moist on the interior and have been served hot!

They have a branch store in Yogyakarta, so if you’re leaving from there, we advise you to get in the Yogyakarta branch instead of guaranteeing freshness! We were able to buy a pair of boxes directly before departing.

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